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What's ? is a web service which allows you to backup and share with your friends your photos stored on Picasa™. Using the service is easy and free and you need no software installation. Picasa Backup let you share your photos stored on Picasa™ even if your friends haven't a Google™ account.
In few steps you will be able to save a whole album or a collection of selected photos inside it. You can also backup public albums of other users: all you have to do is to specify the email address.
Afterwards, you will get the link to download files of that album (as a .zip archive) and the chance to share it with your friends by email or through the most popular social network with a single click.

Try it and you will be thrilled!

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Now available in the Google™ Chrome™ Web Store

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Note: Google™ and Picasa™ are property of Google Inc.

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